What We Do

In seeking to facilitate the advancement of Kurdish affairs, we provide a variety of services in the areas of policymaking, social and economic development, democracy promotion, political strategy and public diplomacy, business and media development. Those services include:

• Strategic advice
Helping our clients to understand the socio-economic contexts, and the political processes, which affect their interests and activities. We can select the issues and developments that are of significance to our client and suggest appropriate actions where needed.

• Policy monitoring & research
For clients who need to stay on top of politics and policymaking, we can provide monitoring reports tailored to their specific requirements and needs. This can involve the tracking and analysis of legislation, policy announcements, debates, summits, and specific events.

• Stakeholder mapping
We are in a position to identify and contact a network of key stakeholders who may be able to maximise our clients’ objectives.

• Creating effective public diplomatic strategies
We are able to develop effective outreach strategies for clients wishing to engage and inform a variety of domestic and external audiences.

• Delegation exchanges, mediation and event hosting
We are able to bring people together, for a variety of different purposes. This may include organising visits for political delegations, mediation sessions, and organising events such as conferences, political workshops and public lectures.

KKC always approaches its work in a professional manner. We appreciate that our clients may require discretion and flexibility. Our over-riding aim is to provide our clients with appropriately-tailored services and to deliver timely and effective results.