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Kurdish Knowledge Centre

Who We Are

The Kurdish Knowledge Centre (KKC) is the only consultancy firm dedicated to the analysis of Kurdish internal, regional and international affairs. Headquartered jointly in Glasgow (Scotland) and Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan), our mission is:

  1. To advance Kurdish democracy and civic society;
  2. To facilitate the development of the Kurdish economy and infrastructure;
  3. To promote engagement between Kurdish people and their institutions, and the wider international community.

A key strength of KKC is the quality of the individuals who work for us. Our people are drawn from the worlds of politics, government, business, academia and the third sector. Each individual has a proven track record of excellence in his or her field.  This guarantees high-quality insight, analysis and advice.

The collective experience of the people who work with KKC means that we have a vast network of influential political and business contacts we can access, for the benefit of our clients. We also maintain strong links with universities and think-tanks in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. What this means for our clients is that KKC commands a vast knowledge-base which can deliver excellent advice and quality solutions.


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